Our surveying firm operates in the sector of topographic surveying through GPS, robotic total station and drone. We also offer services including road staking out, land acquisition procedures for public road construction, polygonals, landslide control, precision agriculture, thermographic inspections in factories, and in private and state buildings. We can provide drone surveys for architectural details, monuments, inspections to condominium roofing and façades, drone surveys for public authorities and territory control authorities.


Mr Francesco Napoli is a II level thermographic operator. He does surveys by using a high sensitivity thermal camera for: thermal bridge, break down identification in water systems, condominium façade diagnostics, thermographic reports, wiring controls. He also carries out thermographic inspections and reports in private and state buildings, troubleshooting in factories. He is qualified to issue certificates of energy performance.

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The firm

The firm Francesco Napoli

Our surveying firm was opened in 1998. Since then it has provided its customers with topographic surveys, cadastre procedures, PREGEO procedures. At first, we specialised in cadastre recordings for public administrations, surveys for companies, expropriation procedures all over Sardinia. Our client portfolio has grown by including private citizens after the opening of our offices in Gallura, Costa Smeralda, Cuglieri and Sant’antonio di Gallura.
Nowadays, we operate in Gallura, Costa Smeralda, in the Province of Oristano and Sulcis-iglesiente and we can grant high quality services thanks to our cutting edge topographic tools and our high professionality.

  • UNI EN ISO 97 II level thermographic operator
  • Safety coordinator at the project and execution stages
  • Prevention and protection service manager licence earned after attending the 3-8-9 macro-sector module
  • Mobile construction building safety coordinator
  • High risk area safety operator – security group
  • Registered in the Home Office specific lists according to the law n. 818/84
  • fire prevention personnel, firefighting and emergency management
  • safety professional in environments suspected of being polluted or in confined spaces
  • Court-appointed survey
  • Esercito italiano 31.07.1995
  • SISMA ABRUZZO 06.04.2009 Assegnazione grado caporale da parte dalla Croce rossa militare
  • SISMA ABRUZZO 06.04.2009 Assegnazione incarico di verificatore agibilità per la Protezione Civile Nazionale


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